new parent coaching

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the biggest transitions of our lives. At the beginning it can be quite overwhelming. New parent coaching sessions are tailored to your family, creating a relaxed and flexible learning experience, with the emphasis on getting the answers to your questions, and helping to calm any worries. Learn hands-on skills with your own baby or babies: breast or bottle feeding, bathing, sleep, soothing, babywearing, and newborn development. Sessions may also focus on relationship support for parents, self-care, organizing your home, simplifying daily tasks, priority-setting, and creating your parenting vision.

Coaching can also be a helpful refresher for experienced parents welcoming a new baby or babies.

In-home coaching sessions are 3 hours. Available as a single session for $150.00, 2 session package for $285.00, 3 session package for $400.00, plus HST.

postpartum doula care

As a new family finds its feet in the ‘fourth trimester’, postpartum doula care means an extra pair of experienced hands, an open-minded supporter, someone to care for the whole family – a kind and caring stand-in for extended family. Catch up on your sleep, knowing your baby or babies are in experienced and caring hands. Have your supper made, laundry done, errands run, or your kitchen tidied. You’ll have a listening ear to talk about your adjustment to life with your baby or babies. Postpartum doula support has been shown to help reduce the risk of postpartum depression and can also be an important part of a recovery plan for those affected.

Home visits are available in the morning or afternoon on weekdays.

Doula care is available during the first 3-4 months after birth. Visits are $95 for 3 hours, plus HST.  

prenatal education

Pregnancy, childbirth preparation, postpartum planning and postpartum education with an emphasis on freedom of choice and self-advocacy. Prenatal topics can include stages of labour, partner labour support skills, getting comfortable in labour, working with your care team, common interventions, and postpartum recovery. We can also cover newborn baby basics, infant feeding and baby care skills. Tips for postpartum planning can help make those early weeks go much more smoothly for parents. Choose either a customized in-home private session or fun and dynamic group classes with the Ottawa Childbirth Education Association, where I am one of a great group of teachers.

Private prenatal sessions are $60/hour plus HST (3 hour minimum).