clients are saying…

Lilly worked with me for the months following the birth of my twins.  She helped me organized my phisical space and streamline my baby-care routines to make best use of my time and energy.  She listened to my concerns and provided research-based and experience-based suggestions for solutions. Lilly also helped me build confidence as a new mother and establish more realistic expectations of my  abilities (and limitations) in my new role. Her help was invaluable during that physically and emotionally challenging period. I recommend her fully and without reservation.
-Wendy G.

My family and I cannot say enough kind words about Lilly. We were first introduced to Lilly when we were pregnant with our oldest child – Lilly ran the pre-natal education classes we attended in advance of our daughter’s birth. My husband and I were struck by not only the quality of information Lilly provided, but her wealth of experience counseling new families like ours…Fast forward two years and the birth of our second child. We thought we knew everything about parenting – we did a great job with our first, how hard could it be, right? We were old pros. Wrong. Looking back (my son is now a happy, healthy, thriving toddler), I can now admit I struggled much more than I ever expected after the birth of my second child – we were sleepless and overwhelmed by the needs of our newborn and toddler. Lilly was the first person I thought to call for help. She provided so much guidance and support in those early weeks, we can’t thank her enough. She helped with everything from connecting us to a sleep coach for our up-all-nighter to providing breastfeeding support and advice around how to help our daughter, then two and a half, through the transition and changes in our family. Today, we are all great – happy, healthy, and loving our family of four. And Lilly was key to helping us get here.
Forever grateful,
Dawn Hoffman

Lilly was indispensable in the months following the birth of our first child. She was an important source of information when we were unsure or worried about the baby or postpartum recovery, extremely helpful around the house making tasty meals or doing the copious amounts of newborn laundry, and just generally an incredible moral support to both of us as we adapted to our new life as a family of three.
– Justine and Jubilee

Dear Lilly,
We have been extremely fortunate to have you as our doula for the last year. These last few months brought so many new experiences and challenges that it was great to have someone calm and gentle like you to reassure us that everything was normal. You have always shared profusely your knowledge, helping me become more autonomous, build my confidence as a new mom, and understand all the things that were typical but that I wondered about as a new parent. Also, your help preparing meals, for us and the baby, gave us back some time in our very busy days while providing the comfort of home cooked meals.
You have made me a better mom and for that our family will always be grateful.
Marylène B.

Lilly was an amazing help during what was a vulnerable and very difficult time for me. Everywhere else, I felt that my parenting decisions were challenged and questioned but Lilly truly met me where I was at and validated my choices. She made sure I felt I was a good mother and she normalized my concerns. I especially loved that she brought her values of love of nature in her care and in her play with my older son.

– Christiane Lafleche

My Husband and I hired Lilly to help transition into parenthood after the birth of our son via surrogacy.  We cannot say enough wonderful things about the experience.  Her sound advice, help in stocking our freezer with delicious ready-to-eat meals, doing random household chores, and giving us some time to nap during the day made the transition much more enjoyable.  Because of those things, we were able to more easily  focus on loving and bonding with our new one.  Additionally, as a same-sex male couple, she was very supportive of our decision to use donor breast milk for our son.  She was instrumental in guiding us through the safety aspects of using donor milk and helping us network to find safe and healthy breastmilk.  Most importantly for us, however, was her knowledge and approach to coaching that built confidence in our own decisions and instincts about our newborn.  It was truly invaluable.   We are now expecting our second son and plan to have Lilly help this time around as well!

– C. and A.